Interested in Investing in BreastDefense?

Induran started SignPost because a small highly focused company is sometimes the only way to get important things done quickly. 

Induran Ventures established SignPost to focus – exclusively - on the creation of LDT (Lab Developed Test) diagnostic tests.

We are 99% confident that the BreastDefense validation study will be successful.

Considerable capital investment will be required to scale up the BreastDefense technology to make it widely available.

$1.1M invested to date has led to the discovery of a set of molecular biomarkers which identifies all major invasive breast cancers at any stage from one to four with 99% accuracy.

Induran Ventures is a small experienced venture philanthropy team.  The team includes Paul Lucas, Peter Blaney, and Barry Markowsky.

If you are considering an investment to help get BreastDefense to market, contact the venture philanthropists at Induran Ventures Inc. at


Peter Blaney

For 30 years Peter has been active in biotechnology including the creation of an effective antibody treatment for Ebola, clean energy bio fuels, functional food, and cancer diagnostics.


Paul Lucas

Paul is Past Present and CEO of GlaxoSmithKline Canada. Paul has enormous experience in bringing new technology to the marketplace.


Barry Markowsky

Barry Markowsky is Past Vice President Development and Director at GlaxoSmithKline Canada. Barry has the unique combination of a science background and experience in negotiating and closing development deals.