Why BreastDefense?

For breast cancer, the most common screening method - mammography - is alarmingly inaccurate. The New England Journal of Medicine estimates 31% of all breast cancer cases may be misdiagnosed.

Approximately 39 million mammography’s are preformed each year in the USA.
Thousands of women are being misdiagnosed.

This needs to change.

With a simple blood draw BreastDefense aims to distinguish benign and malignant tissue with 99% accuracy.

The Validation Study

In the fall of 2017, Dr. R. Gooding and Dr. S. Varma, received approval from Queens University Health Sciences & Affiliated Hospitals Research Ethics Board (HSREB) for a study to evaluate DNA epigenetic biomarkers for breast cancer.

With this approval our research team will receive up to 300  breast cancer tissue samples, of anonymized patients, from Queens University teaching hospitals to conduct the validation study. The study and analysis will cost approximately $1000 per sample. The BreastDefense validation study is expected to cost three hundred thousand dollars. This validation will get the BreastDefense assay to the finish line.

Results of this research will be published in academic journals and will be shared with cancer reseachers globally.