The Stark Truth About Breast Cancer

For breast cancer, the most common screening method - mammography-does not lead to the  identification of aggressive tumors any earlier than in non- screened populations.  Alarmingly inaccurate mammograms lead to years of needless psychological trauma, chemo, radiation, and disfiguring surgery.

What many women don't realize is the potential  harm of over diagnosis, not to be confused with false positive. It is when a mammogram detects non-invasive or benign cancer which is unlikely to cause a problem. Currently, there is no way to tell, and treatment can lead to surgery, chemo or radiation that is unnecessary.

The story doesn't get any better for survivors of breast cancer in remission. Survivors are subjected to repeated tests to monitor remission.

Women Deserve Better - Survivors Deserve Better

BreastDefense aims to be 99% accurate and will identify invasive breast cancers, at any stage, from stage one through four. BreastDefense will be able to distinguish benign cells from those containing invasive breast cancer. BreastDefense aims to achieve the same degree of accuracy in monitoring remission.
Please help get BreastDefense validated and into the hands of doctors quickly by donating to this project.

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100% of proceeds will go towards the validation study.

BreastDefense is an extremely accurate test for invasive breast cancer. Please help make BreastDefense a reality by donating today. No donation is too small. SignPost is not a registered charity so you won't get a tax receipt. We regard your donation as a helping hand. To express our sincere gratitude, your donation will be returned when BreastDefense becomes available. It's the least we can do!

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Invest in BreastDefense

Once validated, investment will be required to make BreastDefense available to women everywhere. SignPost is a small private company rather than a non-profit. $1.1M has been invested to date to develop BreastDefense. From our initial research we are 99% confident that the BreastDefense validation will be successful.

Our Goal - $2,000,000

If you are considering an investment to help get BreastDefense to market, contact the venture philanthropists at Induran Ventures Inc. at

Invest in BreastDefense

There is a clear path for BreastDefense

Step 1 The Validation Study Tissue Based – Timeline – 3-6 months.
Step 2 From the Validation Study a tissue-based test is ready for sale.
Step 3 Place BreastDefense in Blood Based Test (liquid biopsy) Timeline -12 months.
Step 4 BreastDefense Blood Based Screen is launched globally.

Our Mission

SignPost was founded to create BreastDefense, a new class of precise diagnostic tests for breast cancer, based on recent advances in molecular medicine.

SignPost is at the forefront, globally, in accelerating the move toward precision medicine.

Survivors Deserve Better

Once breast cancer treatments are completed, survivors want to monitor remission.

It can be a time of worry for women who fear the cancer could come back.

BreastDefense, an easy and accurate blood test will put these fears at bay. It will eliminate the need for inaccurate tests that can do more harm than good

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